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At 3rd Coast Energy Consultants, we’ve spent the last decade helping customers in deregulated markets maximize their energy opportunity. We’re known for our energy broker services, which save our customers an average of 22%—but our benefits go way deeper than that. Our licensed energy brokers leverage expertise and provider relationships to help you uncover untapped tax exemptions, secure the ideal energy coverage at below-market rates, and reduce your energy use through key environmental improvements. Whether you’re using 8,000 kWh or 5,000,000 kWh annually, we’re here to help you understand, and reduce, your energy costs. Our experts clear the confusion on energy so all that remains is a path to your improved bottom line.

Our Sugar Land, Texas headquarters is home to a dedicated team of energy professionals driven by your success. We’re currently licensed in Texas, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and are expanding into other deregulated markets nationwide.

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We represent providers you can trust

Minority-owned, Houston-based energy provider with a comprehensive suite of energy services.

Energy powerhouse serving 2/3 of the Fortune 100 and more than 100,000 business and public sector customers.

Providing electricity, natural gas and home services across the U.S. and Canada.

The world’s largest independent power producer and #89 on the Fortune 500 list.

Fast-growing retail electric provider based in Houston, serving residential and commercial customers


  • At first, I was dubious, but over the last five months I have seen consistent savings in our energy bill. The savings are in the thousands of dollars, so it was worth the trouble of looking into. Furthermore, the energy provider they recommended is top notch and has worked with us whenever we needed it.

    Seismic Equipment Solutions LPHouston, Texas
  • Steve and his team were patient, transparent and very helpful. I did not know anything about the energy landscape prior to meeting with 3rd Coast. Mr. Boucher first educated me on the different products available. Never once did anyone representing 3rd Coast push me to a given product. I felt they had my company’s best interest at heart from the beginning.

    Kloeckner MetalsHouston, Texas
  • "We have done business with Mr. Steve Boucher at 3rd Coast Energy for over five years. All business has been conducted by Mr. Boucher and his company in a highly transparent, professional and satisfactory manner. We mostly appreciate Mr. Boucher’s proactive approach to how the products and the markets are moving. Mr. Boucher’s specialization and expertise in the energy market has been instrumental in our ability to save over 30% in our energy costs."

    Graco Interests, Inc.Houston, Texas

Meet our expert team


You have questions. We’re here to provide you with the answers that help you meet your energy needs. Explore the frequently asked questions below, and contact us today with all your energy needs.

What is an energy broker?

We often describe what we do like this: much like insurance brokers, energy brokers negotiate on behalf of clients to help them secure the best coverage and rate. Our team works with multiple leading electric and natural gas providers to assess your current rate, find the best opportunity in terms of cost and coverage, and execute your contract. What’s our bottom line? Improving yours.

If you’re in a deregulated energy market, then an energy broker is an essential resource for your business. Simply fill out thiscustom quote formto get started.

Which providers do you represent?

We represent the most trusted certified energy providers in the country: ThinkEnergy, Summer Energy, Source Power & Gas, Constellation, StarTex Power, Engie and AmeriPower. Our family of providers is home to two Fortune 100s, a sister company of the world’s largest independent power company, minority-owned entities and local-minded providers based right here in Houston. By representing a range of energy providers, we ensure that we can find the best price and coverage to meet your energy needs. Learn more about 3rd Coast Energy’s providershere.

What services does 3rd Coast Energy provide?

3rd Coast Energy provides a full suite of energy services to help you improve your business’ bottom line. We use our industry knowledge and provider relationships to help customers find the best energy solutions for their needs. But the savings goes way beyond the kWh rate on your energy bill; it also means uncovering tax incentives and helping you lower your costs via  energy-efficient products.

I’m not based in one of the states where you have a field team. Can you help me?

3rd Coast Energy is a licensed energy brokerage that serves all deregulated markets in the U.S. In addition to our field teams in Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we have a friendly, knowledgeable staff that serves customers in everyderegulated energy market. If you’re seeking energy services and live in a deregulated market,contact ustoday.

I already have an energy agreement. Can you still help me?

Wish you could secure today’s price for 12-36 months without having to cancel your current agreement? Through ourFuture Datingproduct, you can. 3rd Coast is one of few energy brokers to provide this service, which helps customers in existing agreements take advantage of current market conditions. With energy prices on a steady incline, there’s never been a better time to use Future Dating to secure energy savings for tomorrow, today. 

What is the benefit of a longer-term energy agreement?

Natural gas rates have beenon the risesince March 2016, and current trends show that prices will only continue to rise. When you trust 3rd Coast Energy with your energy needs, you can lock in today’s pricing for an agreement lasting anywhere from 6-60 months. That’s years of savings, all from one simple quote.

I’m a medical or health facility that requires 24-7 power. Can 3rd Coast help me?

Absolutely. Many of our providers work with hospitals and other facilities that require non-interruptible power for life support, life-saving devices and other crucial around-the-clock functions . Read about ourenergy savings for the health care industryto learn more, andfill out this formto get a custom quote.

I’m looking for residential energy. Can 3rd Coast Energy help me?

Yes. Although we focus on commercial and industrial energy, many of our providers service residential customers. Visit this link to learn more.

What is energy deregulation?

Energy deregulation gives consumers like you the power to choose your energy supplier. Currently, 31 states have either deregulated electricity, gas or both—or offer a partial choice to consumers. The move toward deregulation has increased the number of options for consumers when it comes to providers, rates and agreement types. 3rd Coast Energy helps customers in the deregulated states of Texas, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island maximize their opportunity for energy savings.

For a full list of deregulated cities in Texas,click here.

What is an LOA?

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) is a document that authorizes energy brokers like 3rd Coast to access a customer’s historical energy use data from the utility. This form protects your rights as a consumer, and also allows us to gather the information needed to provide you with a custom quote.

What happens if prices go up (or down)?

One of the things our customers love most is knowing that they’ve secured the kwh price in their agreement until the end of the term they chose. If, for example, you signed a 60-month term (the longest we offer), then you will pay the rate at signing until the end of that agreement—regardless of how the market shifts. For those that apply, 3rd Coast also offers 7-10 year contracts—a popular option for municipalities, government agencies, school districts and more. We also provide “blend and extends” products so that if the market does drop, customers can lower their rate and extend their term, with savings going into effect the following month.

What are the current energy price trends?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy prices increased 48% in 2016—more than any other industrial metal. Natural gas prices rose by 60%, surging from summer onward. For weekly natural gas prices and more industry updates, visit 3rd Coast’s Market News section.


What separates US from the rest of the pack?

  1. 30 years of experience in the Energy Industry on both side (REP/Broker)Complete 360* understanding of the market
  2. Partnered with the largest renewable energy company in the US.
    Full scope understanding from design, procurement, and construction
    NABCEP certified engineers
  3. Dedicated support teams through the entire process and after
  4. Average install is less than 6 weeks
  5. Wide variety of Tier 1 Solar products
  6. Roof and Ground mount options available (tile, metal, shingles, you name it!)
  7. Incredible financing options from 2.49%-3.99% no money down
  8. 10-25 year financing options

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