Tesla’s First Four-Quarter Profit Streak Ensures Fat Payout For Musk And S&P 500 Inclusion

The results come after a turbulent first half in which Musk’s aggressive growth plans were thrown off track by the coronavirus and he used Twitter to attack California health officials and the SEC.

How Two Young Scientists Built A $250 Million Business Using Yeast To Clean Up Wastewater

Houston-based Solugen is making cheaper, more effective industrial chemicals to help scrub everything from pools and hot tubs to oil and gas companies’ wastewater. Up next: fertilizers.

Elon Musk Tells Tesla, SpaceX Workers They Can Take Today Off For Juneteenth–With No Advance Notice Or Pay

The billionaire entrepreneur is jumping on the corporate bandwagon, following major U. S. employers in recognizing Juneteenth as a holiday at Tesla and SpaceX–albeit an unpaid one.

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