Cut your consumption to boost your bottom line

Energy savings doesn’t begin and end with the rate per kWh. Your energy costs also tie directly into how, when and why your company is using energy throughout the course of a given day. Do you know how much of your energy use is attributed to lighting, and how much that costs your business annually? If not, it’s time to reach out to 3rd Coast Energy’s certified energy managers.

Whether you’re a manufacturing facility or a retailer, simple changes to your lighting and fixtures can provide a surprising boost to your bottom line. 3rd Coast Energy’s certified energy managers help businesses implement energy practices that increase efficiency and lower energy use. The result: Less money spent on inefficient lighting, and more to put back into growing your business.

Our energy managers help your business

  • Analyze the energy cost for your current fixtures and lighting
  • Determine the best strategy for reducing your lighting energy costs and outline ROI
  • Install energy-saving fixtures and lighting at a time convenient for your business’ schedule (usually after hours and on weekends)

Boost your bottom line

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