Energy savings for HOAs, residential neighborhoods and more

3rd Coast Energy has a track record for helping customers in the housing industry maximize their energy savings and take advantage of various tax exemptions. With our help, HOAs, RV parks, residential neighborhoods and housing authorities can seamlessly add and delete programs—allowing them to turn off meters when they’re not in use, and switch them back on when energy is required. This, combined with our dynamic pricing options and our Energy Management Program, can position housing businesses for unbeatable energy savings.

A few of our housing industry energy benefits:

  • Waived meter fees:Turn meters off and on to ensure you’re not overpaying
  • Tenant portal system:Get paid each time a tenant chooses an energy company, generating money that can go back into your HOA
  • Unlimited usage: Use as much or as little energy as you want without worrying about price fluctuations
  • Tax exemptions:We’ll help you uncover energy tax exemptions that apply specifically to the housing industry (including RV parks)
  • Energy management:Tap energy-saving light bulbs and operational improvements that reduce your energy use per unit and across your portfolio
  • “Now I have more money to put back into the community!”

    County Housing AuthoritySouth Texas


When we discovered this housing authority for a county in South Texas was paying $0.056 per kWh, we knew we could save them money. We secured them a rate of $0.04864 per kWh—dropping their energy bills from thousands to less than $1,000 per month. Said the client, “Now I have more money to put back into the community!”

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