Energy savings for pipe-fitters, tankers and more

3rd Coast Energy specializes in helping the oil and gas industry take advantage of energy tax exemptions and energy savings. Our customers save an average of 22% on their energy bill—giving them an undeniable competitive advantage. Whether you’re a pipe-fitter, tanker or another business in the oil and gas industry, our experts have the in-depth knowledge to help you maximize your energy options.

A few of our oil and gas energy benefits:

  • Unlimited usage: Use as much or as little energy as you want without worrying about price fluctuations
  • Off-peak pricing:Save money on your energy use between 10p.m. and 6a.m.
  • Tax exemptions:We’ll help you uncover energy tax exemptions that apply specifically to the oil and gas industry  
  • Energy management:Tap energy-saving light bulbs and operational improvements that reduce your energy use and increase productivity
  • At first, I was dubious, but over the last five months I have seen consistent savings in our energy bill. The savings are in the thousands of dollars, so it was worth the trouble of looking into. Furthermore, the energy provider they recommended is top notch and has worked with us whenever we needed it.

    Seismic Equipment Solutions LPHouston, Texas
Oil & Gas


Being in the oil and gas industry, this butane sales and distribution business knew where the market was going. Our energy brokers helped them secure a rate of $0.01799 per kWh—resulting in significant savings from their previous $0.02599 rate. We also extended their payment terms to maximize their business boost and ensure they locked in this rate despite rising energy costs.

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