Energy savings for office-based businesses

You don’t have to be a manufacturing plant or a food-service business to benefit from energy savings. Professional services and other office-based businesses can also reap benefits from energy deregulation. Options such as Future Dating help our customers lock in today’s rate for the entire length of their energy agreement. In a market where prices are on the rise, this smart energy move makes a significant impact on a business’ bottom line.

A few of our professional services energy benefits:

  • Unlimited usage: Use as much or as little energy as you want without worrying about price fluctuations
  • Future dating:Lock in today’s price for up to 60 months
  • Fixed price:Set a standard, below market rate per kWh—saving you money and allowing you to allot a consistent energy budget  
  • Energy management:Tap energy-saving strategies and operational improvements that reduce your energy use and increase productivity
  • "No pushy salesman or technical jargon. No more hidden fees. No more surprises. Thank you!"

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