Energy savings for restaurants, cafes and more

Between the work in your kitchen and the dining experience for your guests, energy plays a crucial role in the livelihood of a restaurant. But for busy restaurant owners, it’s difficult to find time to secure the best energy rate. 3rd Coast Energy helps restaurants and other food service businesses negotiate the best rate and pricing structure for their energy consumption needs.

A few of our restaurant energy benefits:

  • Save with multiple locations:Aggregate your energy use to decrease costs, and consolidate billing to streamline your payments
  • Unlimited usage: Use as much or as little energy as you want without worrying about price fluctuations
  • Off-peak pricing:Save money on your energy use between 10p.m. and 6a.m.
  • Tax exemptions:We’ll help you uncover energy tax exemptions that apply specifically to the restaurant industry
  • Energy management:Tap energy-saving light bulbs and operational improvements that reduce your energy use and increase productivity
  • "They were willing to work with me after closing (2am!) because that’s when I had time."

    Restaurant-nightclubHouston, Texas
Houston energy brokers for restaurants


3rd Coast helped one restaurant-nightclub slash its energy rate from $0.03299 per kWh to $0.01713 per kWh—working with the client every step of the way. Said the owner, “The broker helped me understand my current product and fully explained the charges on my current bill. They were willing to work with me after closing (2am!) because that’s when I had time.”

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