Will you lead the pack or get left behind?

Solar implementation has increased 1600% since 2006. The federal tax credit for solar is at 26%. But to reap the full benefits of going solar before the tax credit starts decreasing, you have to act now.

Savvy businesses are embracing solar in record numbers, and for good reason: The cost of going solar has dropped by 60% over the last 10 years, while the tax incentives and other benefits continue to rise. The result? It’s never been a more opportune time to make solar energy your competitive advantage.

3rd Coast Energy is always looking for new ways to help you boost your energy bottom line. That’s exactly why we’ve invested heavily in our solar capabilities. 3rd Coast Energy is proud to partner with world-class electrical services providers (TECL 207220 and TECL 32912) to provide a seamless end-to-end experience. Let our experts take the confusion out of going solar, from your hassle-free quote all the way through HOAs, permits and installation. 

The future doesn’t wait around. Neither should you.  

After being an energy broker for 13 years seeing the landscape change and the transformation in the market place had became evident, Solar was here to stay, we decided to jump into the Solar game head on!

Why, you ask? Solar prices have come down 60%, mature technology, incredible finance options and obvious environmental benefits it only made sense we wrapped are arms around this and put our spin on it!

We made our first move and we applied the same principles that made us successful in our own arena and started to see the same results, something didn’t feel right though. It’s all about the right partnerships and sharing the same vision. So we took a step back and saw just how clear the answer was……

We needed a bigger arena, someone who could handle what we were trying to deliver to Texans.

So we did what any Texan would do and got our independence! We are happy to bring you an incredible product and “best in class” service at price that is unparalleled. Welcome to the next level of experience in Solar.





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5 Reasons to Go Solar Today

1. ITC Tax Credits

You can deduct 26% of the cost of installing your solar energy system via the federal solar tax credit—if you act now. This major incentive is expected to drop in the future, so go solar today to reap the biggest reward.

3. Put Your Roof to Work

Leveraging all your resources is smart business. Producing renewable energy from your existing roof? That’s even smarter.

2. MACRS Depreciation Write-off

Accelerate your solar ROI by deducting the depreciable portion of your solar systems over five years. Sound too complex? Let our experts help you maximize this opportunity.

4. Gain Energy Independence

Gain the peace of mind, and economic security, that comes from producing your own energy rather than relying on the grid. Avoiding the average 20% YOY increase in electricity costs isn’t bad, either.

5. Do Your Part in Going Green

Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less than coal. Contribute to the energy economy of the future while lowering your costs in the present.

An Expert Team With a Bold Vision

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A Proven Process

Solar energy is cutting-edge, but our process is tried and true. With decades of expertise in both the intricacies of solar and the energy market, and world-class electrical services partners, our exclusive partnership hands you a major “win.”

Simply fill out our quote form and let our experts walk you through the process from start to finish.

When you go with 3rd Coast Energy for your solar needs, you’ll only be getting the best solar systems from the best solar specialists in Texas. And you’ll be working with the 3rd Coast team you already know and love every step of the way, ensuring your every question is answered and every need is satisfied.

  • Fill out our quote form

  • See if you qualify

  • We handle all the nitty gritty details (HOAs, permits, system design and beyond)

  • Our certified partners (TECL 207220 and TECL 32912) install your system

  • We help you maximize tax credits and incentives

With the tax incentive at an all-time high and scheduled to drop 4% each year, there’s no reason to wait.

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