Utility-Scale Solar

As utilities and businesses come under increased pressure to meet environmental mandates and achieve renewable portfolios, the demand for turnkey solar power solutions has grown. Wholesale contracts and direct, grid-tied systems are two offerings helping businesses get ahead. With 3rd Coast Energy, utilities and corporations get a turnkey solar partner who excels at every part of the process—and gets the job done with the urgency that today’s competitive marketplace requires.

To ensure your success, we partner with world-class electrical services providers (TECL 207220 and TECL 32912) who specialize in utility-scale solar installations.

Why 3rd Coast Energy? Because when you’re running your business, you need a turnkey solution—not another time-intensive undertaking that pulls you away from what you do best. We’ll help you secure third party financing. But we’ll also design your project with financing in mind every step of the way. With 3rd Coast Energy, you get a partner proven to help you leverage solar energy to your full potential. Lock in solar energy rates now to secure the best pricing for the year to come. Then, pass along the benefit of consistent pricing to your customers.

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